If you are considering to travel by car through the autonomous community of Andalucia and to discover a little more at first hand your holiday destination which is outstanding for a great natural beauty, here we provide maps of the various provinces and municipalities in order to facilitate planning your trip.

We recommend that you add these maps to your favorites, so you don´t have to look for more maps on other sites and have first hand information linked to other references of interest for your holidays.

  • Malaga map: Malaga province is situated in southern Andalucia, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and protected by high mountain chains which guarantee a mild climate throughout the year. Neighboring provinces are Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla and Cadiz.
  • Almeria map: Almería is the easternmost province in Andalucia with the lowest rainfall in Spain. It´s neighboring province is Granada.
  • Cadiz map: Cadiz is the southernmost province of Andalucia and at its most southern tip only 14 km away from the African coast. Here joins the Atlantic Ocean the Mediterranean Sea and the whole area is graced with a special light. Neighboring provinces are Malaga, Sevilla and Huelva.
  • Cordoba map: Cordoba is a charming inland province and one of the historic doorways to Andalucia. Neighboring provinces are Malaga, Sevilla, Granada and Jaen.
  • Granada map: Granada is the province that combines the highest mountains of the peninsula with a tropical coast in less than one hour’s drive. Neighboring provinces are Malaga, Almeria, Cordoba and Jaen.
  • Huelva map: Huelva is the westernmost province in Andalucia and due to the increased rainfall probably the greenest. The mild climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and its neighboring provinces are Sevilla and Cadiz.
  • Jaen map: Jaen is the inland province in Andalucia with the highest number of protected natural spaces in all Spain, mountains and forests and historically one of the gateways to Andalucia. Neighboring provinces are Granada and Cordoba.
  • Sevilla map: Seville is an inland province of Andalucia, yet it is connected with the Atlantic Ocean buy Spain’s only inland port on the river Guadalquivir. Neighboring provinces are Malaga, Cordoba, Cadiz and Huelva.