Sierra Nevada – Lajuar – Cerro del Almirez

TIME: 9 h. aprox.

We start in Laujar de Andarax town walking on to Paterna del Río. One km. farther, we shall take a forest track that branches off to the right.

The track is quite tortuous but gives a spectacular view of the countryside and of the Laujar town.

Then we shall reach the rest of Monterrey leaving a track to our right towards the Cortijo del cerecillo shelter sorrounded by a recreation area dominated by pines and planted with walnuts and chestnut trees.

A steep track behind the shelter goes to the Albergue de Gabiarra.

Walking on the northeast along the spur we shall reach a hill on the right of which is the Cerro del Almirez, 2,817 m. at its highest point.

Its better to do it in a couple of days.