If in all the province of Almeria there is a village with the features of a city it is Huercal Overa.

And is there is a unique and beautiful Holy Week in the territory of Almería, it is that of Huercal Overa which has been declared to be of nationwide tourist interest for the richness and majesty of its stages, the artistic value of its images, for the competition between its brotherhoods and its Levantine-style organisation.

Its three cofradias known as El Paso Morao, El Paso Blanco and El Paso Negro are together sufficient to give form to the overflowing faith of the village during these days.

In the early hours of the morning the way of the Cross to Calvary of the Most Holy and Merciful Christ is performed in utter silence.

On Good Friday the day of reflection and penitence, the main attraction is the stage of the Saint. But it is a festival you want to see come in October and experience the fair, by day and night.