On the days before the Royal Palos de la Frontera Pizón Society for two days recreates the environment, the theatre and even the cuisine of the Middle Ages.

This situation is repeated in March, when the Medieval Fair is held in Juan Pablo II Plaza and more than 70 vendors costumed in typical garb of years gone by offer the visitor all sorts of objects from that era, workshops on falconry, the making of wicker or brazier products or preparing Middle Age style cuisine.

Every year on 31 August the Royal Columbian Society of huelva commemorates the anniversary of the departure of Columbus three caravels on what was to be the voyage of discovery of the Americans.

To commemorate this sailor’s feat the names of those that participated in the adventure are engraved on the monolith facing the Mudejar door of the San Jorge Church. You can also view the restored family house of the Pinzón brothers. Palos currently has a festivities calendar dominated by acts in remembrance of the city’s connection with the Christopher Columbus expedition. Besides 3 august the municipality each year observes the fiesta of 12 October, the date of his arrival in America.