Each year their devotion to La Morena leads more than a half million people to congregate at Cerro de la Cabeza to participate in one of the most popular pilgrimages in Andalusia and which has been declared of national tourist Interest.

The fiestas begin in the city a week before, with the proclamation of the pilgrimage; sevillanas dance competition, floral offerings and a horseback cavalcade by the principal brotherhood and Roman chariot parade which cross the sierra to the Sanctuary, 32 kilometres from Andújar with stop at Lugar Nuevo for lunch. Here thousands of persons gather for a rural outing. On Saturday night the pilgrims visit the Virgin in her chapel and then enjoy themselves in the houses of the brotherhoods that are installed there. On Sunday after an open-air mass the Vigen de la Cabeza is carried in a procession mounted on shoulder-borne supporting beams.