One outstanding monument is the “Nuestra Señora de la Inhiesta” Parish Church. It is of Mudéjar style, with gothic and renaissance elements. It consists of three neaves, of which the centre nave has a wooden roof, whereas the side aisles have crossover vaults. The door onto the Plaza de la Constitución is on one of the sides, which is also the basis for the bell tower.

Monument to “La Petenera”, in the square of the same name, nexy to the Avenida Blas Infante. A tribute to Peteneras flamenco singing, which originated in Paterna de Riviera.

There are a number of charming streets with ancient buildings of different styles, with open patios and first-floor galleries on pillars and iron archways; entrances to rectangular open patios with decorative arches; country houses that retain the air of the past.