Algeciras, the natural link between Europe and Africa, has played a decisive role in the history of both continents since time immemorial; Greek mythology has it that Hercules opened up the straits between the two continents, erecting the famous “Columns of Hercules”, one in Africa, Abyla (Djebel Muza), and the other at Calpe (Gibraltar).

In the 18th century it was inhabited again as a result of the English occupation of Gibraltar. The original nucleus of present-day Algeciras sprang up around Our Lady of Europe Chapel.
In 1906 the Algeciras Conference was held, in which the major European powers came together to determine how the Moroccan coast would be shared out.

Today, Algeciras is one of the most important ports in Europe in terms of both passengers and goods.

It has a municipal museum and can boast the Fandango de Algeciras as its contribution to the world of flamenco.