Route around the Parks

Time :2 hours

We star in Plaza de las Canteras. When you leave this plaza (square), turns towards the traffic lights and headdown the Av. Mª Auxiliadora until you reach a gas station, where you should turn to the left.

Once you arrive at a roundabout with a fountain, you have the opportunity to visit the Atlantico Park, which can be seen on the left, bordering the sea.

Once you have visited this park, it is back in the saddle again. At the roundabout, take the Avenida de Diputación, situated on the left. After riding for about 500 metres, you should see the “Celestino Mutis” Botanical Gardens.

You should continue down the Avenida de la Diputación until you have arrive at an extensive area of pine trees that forms part of the Almadraba Natural Park.

Back on the road again, you should leave the park. Once you have pedalled about 3 km., you should see a hospital on the right. At this point you should turn left to arrive at the Mayeto Park.

This park is the last stopping on the list. You can now head back down to the Avenida Mª Auxiliadora to get back to the starting point in the Plaza de las Canteras.