This steep streeted town is located on a hill in a commanding position over the River Genil.

At the top of the hill rises the Castle, which so juts into the province of Granada that Iznajar seems to belong more to Granada than to Córdoba. The Castle is a Muslim-era fortress whose construction was begun in the eighth century, and next to it is the Santiago Apostol Church, a typical example of Renaissance architecture in the province of córdoba.

The hermitage of Antigua or La Piedad is another monument not to be missed. Such treasures as its Holy Week, when the traveller will see processional parades by curious Biblical figures such as the Jews, Pilate, the apostles, the Romans…an authentic stage production like the presentation of the Passion of Christ, in which more than one hundred people participate.

If you want to be lodged close to nature, go to Valdearenas. It has a good tourist infrastructure which allows the traveller to enjoy nature and the so-called “Lake of Andalusia” a gorgeous spot for bird watching, fishing, water sports or camping.