Luque, one of the most ancient towns in Andalusia, rises regally on steep Tajo del Albarrogo and cast its privileged gaze over the rugged Sierra Subbetica mountain range and the ocean of olive trees in the tranquil countryside.

Traveller on their way to the mountains must stop in Luque to visit the Albenzayde Castle, built during the emirate of Omeye; the Alamillo bunkers from the Spanish Civil War; the Encantá Cave, which recreates the historic moment of its occupation by man, or the Municipal Museum, which narrates in three acts the primary historic moments when luque was frontier territory.

After this history lesson you only have to choose which route to follow: if that of the caliphate, turns toward Sueros and its Los Murcielagos Cave, or plunge into the trails of the Sierra Subbética.