Alosno is in the heart of the Andévalo region, is the cradle of fandango and to really know this type of song that shows the feelings of a people you should attend the Huelva National Fandango Competition in July.

The patron saint fiestas of San Juan Bautista are held days before with exhibitions of the most authentic folklore of the area : the “Dance of the Pine”, the “Dance of the Cascabeleros”, The Fandango Parao or the Dance of the Swords .

In the morning is held the solemn procession of the patron saint, which travels through the streets of the town preceded by the peculiar Dance of the Cascabeleros. This dance cosist of ten movements or different steps danced in unison around the drum, while in the saint’s procession only two steps are used. The dance group is nineteen men who demonstrate their great strength and virility in their dancing.

The traveller can hear and see the rich folklore of Alosno in each and every one of the fiestas, especially during the May Crosses.