In Granada´s town you must visit the following monuments: the Alhambra palace and the Generalife gardens, the Cathedral, Capilla Real chapel, La Cartuja monastery, San Jeronimo monastery and Parque de las Ciencias park.

The splendours of the Alambra, the magnificent palace which crowns the highest point of the city, have fascinated both prince and pauper for centuries. To this day visitors are still captivated by the charm, the mystery and the indescribable romance that emanates from the very stones of its ancient and winding streets.

Conquered by invading Muslim armies in 711 Granada blossomed into one of Europe´s wealthiest, most refined cities. As Christian armies turned back the tide of Moorish conquest in the 13th century.

The city became the last Muslim outpost on the peninsula surrounded by a unified Christian kingdom. Due to the relentless Christian onslaught and growing disputes and corruption within the ruling dynasty, Moorish domination over Granada began to wane by the end of the 15 th century.

Fernando and Isabel capitalized on the ensuing chaos, finally capturing Boabdil-the last Moorish ruler of Granada – and the Alhambra on the momentous night of January1, 1492.