Punta del Boqueron

3km round trip.
Starting from the last car park available on the beach road at Playa del Castillo this nature trail winds its way gentle among the dunes, with the sounds and sights of the sea ever present as you stroll along its length. Eventually the trail reaches the mouth of the Caño de Sancti Petri. At this point the island of Sancti Petri the legendary site of the Temple of Hercules Melkert is visible on one side of the river and the town of Sancti Petri is just a short distance away on the other.

Salina Dolores

Access to this nature trail is available either from the road leading into the Bahia Sur Shopping Centre or at the other end of the trail, from the site of the Wastwater Treatment Plant on the coastal road into cadiz. The trail borders along the edges of La Dolores salt flats and extends as far as the Treatment Plant.

Salina Tres Amigos

This nature trail is located opposite Camposoto military barracks and is reached via the Carretera Playa Camposoto. The trail follows the estuary of the river Arillo and then forks and extends as far as the old Tidal Mill located on the Cadiz-San Fernando dual carriageway.