The first thing to see in this white and picturesque town, cradled by steep mountains, is its well-preserved popular architecture. Travelling through streets like Pozo, Llana, mirador, Horno, La Torre, Barrera or Santo will leave the traveller amazed and he will learn that it is a town with more than scenic ridges.

It has a Muslim castle-fortress carved into rock that figured in the siege of San Fernando. It is worthy of witnessing its Holy Week the picturesque streets of Zuheros are a beautiful setting for the precessions that presents proclamations, living apostles and the moving meeting of Jesus from Nazareth with the Virgin of Dolores on the morning of good Friday in the Plazuela del Santo.

However the most interesting thing of all are the caves that the town has preserved and that contain the most important prehistoric paintings in Andalusia. The most impressive is the Los Murcielagos cave. It has a length of two kilometres of which 800 metres can be visited. A tour will take an hour included some seven hundred starway steps that will allow the traveller to view beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites as well as Neolithic archaeological sites.