The Pilgrimage of Virge de la Luna dates from the mid-nineteenth century and according to tradition, a shepherd found the image in the place where the sanctuary now stands and carried it in his shepherd’s bag to Pozoblanco.

Upon the arrival in the village, though the Virgin had disappeared and was found again in the same spot and so it was decided to construct the hermitage there.

The fiesta begins in the morning with a procession by some thirty thousand persons around the sanctuary, which is located 14 kilometres from Pozoblanco. Afterwards the Virgin of La Luna is carried by hand to the town, where it will arrive in the afternoon and will remain for four months, since because it is the patron saint of both this locality and Villanueva de Córdoba its safekeeping is shared by both during the year. Don’t miss this pilgrimage, but if it can’t be helped, go to Holly Week, which has been designated of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia.

When you go there, you will hear about the Capture of jesus of Nazaret by the Roman soldiers, which occurs at 6.00 am on good Friday in front of the Santa Catalina church. The presentation by starlight is worth getting up early for.