Velez Blanco is known for its Moreria neighbourhood, with its narrow and mysterious streets and its brick and stone mansions of the nobility such as the casa de los Bañones or the Casa de los Arcos.

Another visit would be to the castle of the Marqués de los Velez whose interior decorations were so impressive that today they can only be seen in the metropolitan Museum of New York.

Outside the Moreria you can plan trips to the nature Park to see such typical mountain villages as Chirivel or María. You should visit the Letreros Cave in Centro de Maimón where you can see a series of rock paintings of such value that this cave was declared a National Monument and Heritage of Humanity.

But everyone knows that two of the best things about Velez-Blanco are the water and the wine-separately, of course.

The water for the many attractive fountains provided by the town, and the wine because besides being good it is miraculous.