The aroma of good cooking will lead you to Lucena for the Traditional Art and flavour Tour and the Tapa Route, which offer travellers a tour 18 establishments where they can sample at the fixed price of one euro the characteristic Lucena Tapas.

The day is accompanied by musical shows and strolling musicians to make one’s stay in Lucena even more fun. In the other tour you will get acquainted with the impressive pottery industry and the businesses of highly-regarded craftsmen and potters or the bronze and goldsmith industries.

In the Tourism Office they can organise itineraries for you so that you won’t miss a single detail.

You also won’t seeing the streets fill with multitudes of shoulder-borne Holy Week min stages of the reserve team of image bearers the Saturday after the holy week. This is the day of the children’s processions when the little ones recreate the seriousness and movements of the stages of the grownups.

Lucena is known in Spain though for its international Piano Festival which is held the last week in august in the Los Santos municipal Centre Gardens with performances by the foremost pianist of the world. Its quality is such that it has been declared of National Tourist Interest.