Carnival around the end of February or the beginning of March

The public holiday and Feast Day, called: “El Día de la Vieja”. It’s a traditional Feast Day.

The Easter Week in Vera are: The special event on Sunday before Palm Sunday, which indicates the beginning of the Easter Week, and also the processions and pilgrimages, in which the figures of the Virgen “Vurgen de las Angustias” and of Christ “El Nazareno” are carried to the church. When the Easter processions have finished, the religious figures or shrines are taken back to their respective church or chapel on Good Friday.

Celebrations in honour of the Patroness

In honour of the Patroness: “Virgen de las Angustias” whose Feast Day is on 10th June.

A great number of catholic people gather on the first Sunday in September, in order to celebrate the pilgrimage in honour of the Patroness called: “Virgen de las Huertas”.