One suggestion for the new arrival in Baena is a fascinating stroll through the heart of Arab almedina. The visitor will pass Moorish-style alleys and the Plaza del Angel, the Santa Maria la Mayor church, the La villa gate or arch, and Cava Street, which affords an impressive view of the lower part of old Baena from the wall, with the dome of San Bartolomé Church dominating the skyline.

He will next find the arch of Santa Barbara and if he continues on arriba Street he will come to the south part of the medieval walled enclosure with its ancient gates, called Torreón del Arco Oscuro and Arco de Consolacion that give access to almedina.

Here he will experience a fervent Holy Week, which has been declared of National Tourist Interest both for the beauty of its sculptures and the fervour of its residents in those days. In its streets, he will witness thirty processional stages, with Jews beating drums and who depending on how they are dressed will from the white Line or the Black line mob.

He should not miss the Proclamation of the Creation and the Passion of Christ, presented on an elevated stage or upper gallery and narrated by a priest from the balcony. The production ends with the arrest of Jesus by the Jews. And by the way, before leaving Baena don’t forget to buy delicious olive oil, some of the best in Andalusia.