Alpujarra Alta , Sierra Nevada. Lanjarón- Cerro de Caballo

Time: 7 h.

Leaving Lanjarón, starting from the bridge on the local road towards Orgiva and going past a house, we shall cross the river Lanjarón. We must take a track that branches off to the left. Then we must take a lane that runs paralle to the river. Then we shall walk on until we reach a plateau with fir trees and pine trees, where a junction comes up which we take to the left, in order to go down to the river, wich we shall cross to go up to some forest houses nearby.

Going to the north we take a well-signalled forest track which leads to the Refugio de Ventura once there, climbing up 30 m. to the north, there is another lane. Now we must walk on through a drier landscape, without trees, typical from Sierra Nevada, to reach the remains of the Lanjarón shelter.

The lane leads up to the tarn and the Refugio de Caballo.