Sierra de Huelva. Arroyomolinos de Leon – Cerro de los Bonales

Time: 5 hours.

From Arroyomolinos there are many tracks, but we shall take one which runs on between two walls towards Media Lengua mountain pass. After walking on up Los Olivos slope, we shall arrive at the Zahurdas country estate, and from here to a hill from where we shall ascend to Media Lengua mountain pass.

Through the mountain pass a track makes its way to Cabeza la Vaca. We must take it to the right.

Then we shall walk on round a hill, and from here ascend to Fuente Moral´s hill from Cerro de los Bonales on the right, 980 m. high.

From the same hill, walking on up its edge among pine trees, we shall reach the top, and from here, along the edge to the Hermana.