Jerez is home to a large gipsy settlement, generating over the years the richest and deepest wealth of gipsy song: from the 18th century with Tío Luis el de la Juliana until nowadays.
Flamenco is alive in Jerez and has been passed down through several flamenco family lineages:

Los Carrascos, los Junqueras, los Vargas , los Valencias , los Cepero etc…
From where many recognized artist comes from like Agujetas, José Mercé , Moraíto, Juan Mojama, and many others .

The word carnival comes from a Latin phrase meaning to give up meat. This ancient festival developed as an excuse to party like mad before the 40-day Lenten fast during which Catholics have traditionally been expected to go without meat (and most other worldly pleasures). The often wild and irreligious celebrations were banned in Spain under the fascist dictator Franco and Cadiz gained notoriety as the only city to defy the ban.