Either from Malaga, on the road from Guadalhorce (A-357), and then on the MA-403, which joins with casarabonela and Alozaina, or on the A-337, which after passing through Coín continues towards Monda or Tolox and Alozaina.

In the northeast of the province of Malaga you will find the mountain range of La Sierra de la Nieves, which extends across the towns of Alozaina, Casarabonela, El Burgo, Guaro, Istán, Monda, Ojen, Tolox, Yunquera, Parauta and part of Ronda. In total occupies an area of 93.930 hectates.

This natural space was declared a Nature Reserve in 1989. Also UNESCO included this space among its international network of Biosphere Reserves in 1995. Deep in the heart of three very different geographical areas, the mountain range of Serrania de Ronda, the valley of Valle del Guadalhorce and the western coastline of the Costa del Sol, the area has a complex relief: over a few kilometres it rise from 100 m above sea level to almost 2.000 m at the highest peaks, from where you can make out the African coastline.

The disappearance from the area of species such as the bear, the wolf, the lynx and the lammergeyer, is a cause of regret. Nevertheless, this natural space today serves as a habitat for other, golden eagles and mountain goats. Finally, the flora richness of the area should be stressed: a singular species, the Spanish Fir, grows here. This is a conifer of the group of firs whose origin lies in the last ice age.