Nijar – Cabo de Gata – San Jose

TIME: 8 h. aprox.

This is an easy route with no problems of orientation, we have the sea to our right as a constant point of reference for the whole of the route.

The trekking route is along a road and a track both hugging the beach.

We shall leave the town of Cabo de Gata by asphalted road, going southeast, passing a salt mine rich in birdlife and an attractive fort.

Then we will go up a very steep slope around San Miguel´s Peak and after climbing and descending once more, we shall reach the light-house from where there is a splendid view of the cliffs, with natural points of shelter used by fishermen and sea birds; the nearby mountains of the Rif, in Africa, can be seen from here.

At this point starts a track going down across the area of the Cabo de Gata – Níjar park until it reaches another point where cactus grow and from where the wildest beaches in Europe can be reached, such as Monsul and the Genoveses.

After crossing this mountainous spur we shall reach the village of San José which still maintains its traditional flavour.