Sierra de Segura. Orcera – Segura de la Sierra – Navalcaballo’s forest house

Time: 3 hours.

Leaving Orvera to Segura by a local road 6 km. long which makes its way through the mountain among the well-known olive trees in Jaén and crossing an upheaval on the ground of about 300 m. Then we shall find a junction which we shall take to the left towards Segura town.

Then we must make our way to Siles, watching on our right the impressive view of the river Trujala´s gorges, many metres below us, where we can accede.

Until arriving at a crossroads which we shall take to the right among pine trees until reaching another crossroads which again we must take to the right. After arriving at a natural source of rich water and opposite Navalcaballo´s forest house there is splendid green pine grove.