Rute, its soul steeped in aguardiente is spread out shining white at the foot of the sierra, watches over from El hacho by the so-called Canuto´s Tower and surrounded by olive groves.

The village has two neighbourhoods that the visitor must visit : the Upper and the Lower, that shake hands as it were in El chorreadero.

In the lower part of the town you can view the parish church of Santa Catalina and in the upper part you must visit the parish church of San Francisco de Asís.

In both there are an abundance of heritages, although what is most abundant in Rute is anise.

When the traveller arrives at the village he is met by the aroma of its anise products and the flavour of its rich candies, with Christmas being the best time for enjoying them.

Visit the Arise museum and the nature reserve for donkeys that tha Donkey Defence Association created in 1989. the second Sunday in may you will see how the Holy week stage-bearers dance among thundering fireworks in honour of the image if the Virgin of la Cabeza.