Among the Medina Sidonia´s artistic heritage we could find:

Roadway, Water Carriages and Roman Services, Roman architecture I Century. Los Santos Mártires Heritage. Visigoth architecture VII Century.

Remains of the Alcazar and Castle. Medieval architecture XII-XV Centuries. Three of its gates arches still remains :Sol, Pastora or Salada and Belen.

Gothic and Renaissance architecture and Baroque art. XVI-XVII centuries.

San José del Cuervo Monastery. Baroque architecture XVIII.

The Enrile House in Llanete square, the Town Hall built in the XVIII century with transition to the Neoclassical period, the Main Market and Caminillo Gardens XIX Century are highlighted.

Fountains such as: Comendador Fountain, Los Naranjos Fountain, Azocarrem Fountain, Dulce Fointain, Salada Fountain…