Sierra de Cazorla. Ascent of the river Linarejos – Cola de Caballo – Cerrada de Utrero

Time: 4 hours.

We start in Arroyo Frío town along a road leading to Cazorla. At a turn on the road, crossing a bridge in the area known as El Valle, there is an upward lane which turns parallel to the river throughout the whole stretch.

Walking on along the river, changing banks at times and after a steep ascent, we shall observe from far, the fabulous waterfall known as Cola de Caballo, which ash at the botton a gloomy puddle of water.

After crossing the river, which would be even dangerous in winter we shall take the left side as we are going up, until reaching the track known as the Cerrada de Utrero, with its reservoir and inaccessible edges, which facilitates an almost wild flora.

The route ends into the Cazorla-Vadillo Catril road and very near the Linarejos camping area.