You have to visit Sevilla at least to show one of the main fiestas in Spain The April Fari, during its Fair, Seville is an exposition of joy and colour, during Holy Week silence extends over the city for days of reflection and fervour. It is a great tradition in Seville that a saeta is sung to the various brotherhoods in different parts of the route.

Son´t miss: The Casa de Pilatos is the most sumptuous in Seville and was the focus for diffusion of the Renaissance in the city. The second stop should be at its Cathedral and the Giralda. The Gothic Seville Cathedral is the largest Christians temple after Saint Peter’s in Rome, so no further explanation is necessary. At the first sight of it’s Pilar or Perdón Doors one senses its enchantment. Seville’s great symbol is the Giralda, an ancient Arab minaret at whose base stretches the Courtyard of the Orange Trees. The third visit should be to the reales alcázares, which are surrounded by thick walls and still serve as a royal palace.

Another route could lead the traveller to the Archivo de indias, which preserves in its interior the most copious and painstaking collection of documents on the discovery and conquest of the New World. From there to the Museum of fine Arts, to see the collection of paintings by the great masters of the golden Age. The sixth visit will be the best. Wander through the Triana neighbourhood which stretches out in front of the old city and visit the Marineros Chapel, especially if you like Holy Week . In this beighbourhood you will get to know the people of Seville learn to love a monumental city.