Espera is located in the northern part of the province of cadiz preserves one of the treasures of Andalusia: the roman city of Carissa Aurelia, seven kilometres from the village.

The traveller will be most interested, though in the first to fourth century A.D. Necropolis and its mausoleum. The historic wealth of this village is such that there is a permanent exhibition in the cultural House for travellers to learn its heritage.

An archaeological treasure is the Ibero-roman city Esperilla, or the natural jewels of the nature reserve of the Endorreico de Espero complex, formed by three lagoons. After touring the surroundings of the village, you must see the Fatetar Castle and the hermitage of the castle, the only part of the monument that is conserved in its entirety. Inside is kept two treasures, the remains of San prudencio brought from Rome and the image of the Santísimo Cristo de la Antigua.

The best month to see this village is in September, when the Espera residents bring down the image on their backs and carry it the Santa María de gracia church in an impressive procession over the winding slopes of the castle grounds.