Time: 2 hours.

Leaving the Plaza de España turn to the CASTILLO DE LUNA passing Italia, García López, San Clement streets, all typically narrow and white, with plants pots surrounding the castle built in the Middle Ages.

You can visit the Iglesia de NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LA O built under de instructions of DON RODRIGO PONCE DE LEÓN in the 16th century.

Then if you turn to the street opposite the main door passing a small arch, you will arrive at the Marine walkway, where some of the most impressive views of the Costilla coastline can be seen with more than 4 km of fine golden sands.

If you go to the left you will pass in front of the Hotel Duque de Najera to arrive at the Sports Harbour, built in 1992 on the sea. Also on the left is the Town of Rota, protected by its ANCIENT WALL, you will find a ramp to access to the old part of the town and where you also able to reflect on the ancient PUERTA DE JEREZ, one of the gates in the wall that connected Rota with the aforementioned city.

A little further on, you will find the “Mirador de las Almenas”, from which can be seen an incredible view of the Rompidillo beach and the Sports Harbour.

Behind you is THE PLAZA DE ABASTOS, where the COVENT OF THE HOLY MERCEDARIAN FATHERS was preciously housed, built in the 17th century and where the TORRE DE LA MERCD is the only remaining artefact.

Leaving the market, you will arrive at Calle Veracruz on the left is the arch of the ancient Town Hall. This was the most important gate of the ancient wall, connecting with Sanlúcar and receiving, in those days, the majority of commercial traffic.