Alameda Vieja s/n – Jerez de la Frontera
Tlf: 95 633.73.06
It is from here that you will have the most beautiful view of the Cathedral.. The Alcázar forms part of the fortified 4000m long surrounding wall erected by the Almohades in the 12C, the remains of which are still visible in the streets.
Open mid-Sept to Apr, 10am-6pm; May to mid-Sept, 10am-8pm. Doors close 30 min before closing time.

Plaza de la Catedral s/n – Cádiz
Tlf: 95 628.61.54
The facade is a play of concave and convex surfaces flanked by two towers topped by small temples, resembling two astronomical observatories.
Normal:10:00 – 13:00

Royal Prison
C/ Concepción Arenal s/n – Cádiz
Tlf: 95 624.62.30
Built in 1792 by the local architect Torcuato Benjumeda, the Royal prison was the first neoclassical building in Cadiz and is wholly representative of this style in Andalusia.

Women Hospital
C/ Hospital de Mujeres s/n – Cádiz
This is one of the main Baroque buildings in Cadiz. The building is organised around two patios linked by a wonderful monumental staircase under a vault.
Normal:10:00 – 13:00

Torre Tavira
c/ Marqués del Real Tesoro 10 – Cádiz
Tlf: 95 621.29.10
In the 17C and 18C, the traders of Cadiz had more than 160 towers built to watch the arrivals of their boats but also as symbols of wealth and prestige.

Casa Domecq
Alameda Cristina s/n – Jerez de la Frontera
Tlf: 95 615.15.00
This elegant late 18C building is typical of the Baroque palaces of Jerez. Note especially the highly decorated marble doorway.

La Cartuja
Medina Cartuja s/n – Jerez de la Frontera
The Charterhouse was founded in 1477. The Greek-Roman style portal is by Andrés de Ribera. The flamboyant gothic church has a highly decorated baroque facade.

Real Escuela Andaluza de Arte Ecuestre
Avda. Duque de Abrantes s/n – Jerez de la Frontera
In a fine private house in 19C French style, built by Charles Garnier (the architect of the Paris Opera) and surrounded by well-kept gardens, the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art has established its offices.
Visit to instalations and training Mon, Wed and Fri 10am-1pm (Nov-Feb also Tue). Shows Tue and Thu (winter only Thu) noon.

Monastery of Nuestra Señora de la Victoria
Plaza de la Estación s/n – El Puerto de Santa María
The exuberant decorations on the portal, flanked by two buttresses extended by elaborate pinnacles, contrasts with the simple exterior.

The bullring
El Puerto de Santa María
Built in 1880, is one of the largest in Spain with a diameter of 60 m and seating for up to 12,000 spectators. The massive exterior with its multiple arches contrasts with the lightness of the interior.
Open Tues-Sun 11am-1.30pm and 6pm-7.30pm; Oct-June, 11am-1pm and 5.30pm-7pm.

Conjunto arqueológico romano
C 346 Medina-Sidonia
This unusual group of more than 30 metres of underground galleries used to belong to a system of water conduits designed by Roman engineers in the 1C AD.