Martos is proud of a Renaissance Town Hall and the fifteenth century Santa Maria Church, with a Spanish baroque façade and in whose interior is the sepulchre of San Amador a saint born in the village. In Martos everything is green as it is the municipality that producers more olive oil than any other in the world which is why it celebrates the Olive Fiesta as part of a campaign in recognition of this highly valued product.

During the fiesta the Flamenco Soirée is outstanding and you can witness the process of extracting the first olive oil of the year and see villages dressed in regional costumes of olden times in your honour. The town Hall exerts itself to serve hoys and cod to everyone who visits the village. To help you experience the enchantments of this tree of wisdom the Town Hall organises guided tours for you to be moved by the experience of standing in the midst of a grove of natural sculptures. But for emotions, there is nothing to match Holy Week which has been declared of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia.