North area of Granada. Ascent to La Sagra

Time: 6 hours.

From La Puebla de Don Fadrique a narrow road branches off leading up to a hill with farmhouses, from where we shall see La Sagra´s castle path after going past a junction towards Santiago de La Espada. La Sagra´s castle path makes its way towards the north-east, from where we can see a funnel formed in one of the sides of the peak.

After having crossed a pine grove, we must climb up to it.

Then we shall take some junctions in the road to the right and to the left, looking for the easiest way to climb. Thus we arrive at Las Vibora´s hill, on the left, from where we shall climb the peak.

Once on the top, the horizon appears infinite in size and beauty, and, in clear days, you can see Sierra Nevada.