For the more adventurous we have the European long distance footpath GR-7 which passes through La Concepción, on its way to Priego, Los Villares, Jaula and Navasequilla, here the Puerto de la Cereza (Cherry Pass) is worth a mention. But this is not the only picturesque track. In the immediate surroundings of Las Lagunillas you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the source of the Salado River, a spot with extraordinary natural resources, and you will find the highest peak in the province, La Tiñosa. El Castellar and its hermitage of San Miguel situated on a peak with amazing views; Azores with “Las Angosturas” in an area declared a natural reserve; El Salado, El Tarajal, Genilla or El Solvito, on the banks of the rivers which water the area: La Poyata and Las Navas beyond the Albayete Mountains; and El Esparragal nestled in a fold of the Alcaide mountains where spots such as Fuente Alhama and Las Majadas will enable us to take a well earned rest. Nearby lies Zagrilla shaped around the natural spring, which supplies the traditional washhouse, still used on a daily basis by its inhabitants.