The Golf courses in Huelva are notable for their high quality and variety. Due to good weather that accompanies all year round, Huelva has developed as one of the major destinations in the world of golf on the peninsula. This sport has very good facilities in the province and currently a total of eight fields and two more a few miles from the border with Portugal.

The oldest golf course in Spain, the Atalaya, is located in the inland of Huelva and was founded by the British who came to work in the mines of Rio Tinto in the early 20th century. Some fields are located just minutes from the most beautiful beaches of the Costa de la Luz, such as Bellavista Golf Club, opened in 1976.

A golf course especially notable for its location is the “Golf Dunas de Doñana“, located in the vicinity of Doñana National Park and within walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean. It is an ecological area that has special emphasis on environmental values. So the course has four lakes that are breeding area for waterfowl, one of over 15,000 square meters, thus achieving a smooth integration between human uses and the natural wonder of Doñana.

Due to the excellent location of these fields visitors can combine exercise of Golf with the enjoyment of other activities like the beach. A feature of these facilities is the quiet surrounding, with the beautiful views, therefore we can say that golf in Huelva is booming.