There are few trips more evocative of the past than attending the Half moon Night in aguilar de la frontera or the historical soirée in Monturque.

The traveller in search of an unusual weekend in dreamland villages and with unique sensations knows where to go. In Aguilar de la Frontera he will tour on foot the surroundings of the ruins of the Castle in which the locals recreate key moments in the medieval history of the Battle of Poley or the capture of the Castle by Pedro I “The Cruel”.

Along the way he will see animated street musicals, a medieval market, cuisine samplings, falconry exhibits and to top it all off an authentic medieval dinner.

Nor far from Aguilar in the enclosure of the monturque Castle the evenings and nights are filled with sensations that will induce a medieval atmosphere with recitals and historical stage productions.

The traveller will be no less impressed by his visit to Aguilar de la Frontera during its Holy Week, which has been designed of National Tourist interest in Andalusia, or if he goes to the people’s wine tasting in the famous plaza Ochavada.