Andalucia not only has the largest number of golf courses in Spain. The southern peninsula has become a paradise for lovers of the sport, which due to its mild climate throughout the year and its excellent facilities conquers both amateurs and professional players. The vast majority of existing golf courses in Andalucia has 18 holes.

The Costa del Sol in Malaga, also known as The Golf Coast, stands out among all the provinces of the peninsula by having the largest number of golf courses, not only in Andalucia but throughout Europe.

Throughout the province there are a variety of specialty shops for this increasingly popular sport, with offers for all tastes and levels, both amateur and professional.

  • Almeria golf courses: In Almeria are located currently ten excellent golf courses and the province is thus becoming one of the first choices for European golfers.
  • Cadiz golf courses: The province has a total of 17 golf courses that stand out for their varied design, different levels of difficulty, excellent facilities and natural surroundings of great beauty.
  • Cordoba golf courses: In Cordoba, golfers can practice their favorite sport on the excellent facilities of the Club de Campo, Club de Las Lomas del Duque or Pozoblanco.
  • Granada golf courses: There are currently three golf courses in the province although there are several more in development.
  • Huelva golf courses: The Golf courses in Huelva are notable for their high quality and variety. Due to the good weather that accompanies all year round, Huelva has developed as one of the major destinations in the world of golf on the peninsula.
  • Jaen golf courses: There are currently two golf courses that exist to date in the province. However, there are several projects underway for future fields.
  • Malaga golf courses: The Costa del Sol has by far the largest number of golf courses not only in Andalucia but throughout Europe. They combine a mild climate all year round with excellent accommodation, infrastructure and services and the proximity of Malaga International Airport.
  • Sevilla golf courses: Currently there are four golf courses in the province, of which there are 3 with 18 holes and one with nine, which also are located all close to each other.