Puerto de Santa Maria gastronomy. El Puerto de Santa Maria, has been declared International City of the Vine and Sherry recently by the OIV(International Office of the “Vigne et du Vin”), and it is the headquarters of the International Association of the History and Civilization of the Vine and Sherry.

Sherry wine identifies El Puerto de Santa Maria in Spain and in the rest of the world. In the wine growing area that forms the triangle of El Puerto, Sanlucar, Jerez, the denomination of Sherry-Xérès-Sherry includes the magnificent sherry production of El Puerto with its own personality.

Eating sea food in Puerto it has turned into an authentic institution, into something like an initation ritual of its visitors, in a turist atrction; it isn””t strange to find a grat number of visitors of the City which their main mental picyure in their memories or in their wishes it””s that of the Rivera del Marisco with its popular cooking sea-food places like Romerijo, last responsible of having approach the sea-food to a majority.

They have got a large variety of sea-food for every tasted: prawns, tiger-prawns, norway lobster, crabs (muzzle and legs), galeras, cañaillas (sea-snail), camarones (shrimps), percebes (goose barnacle), nécoras, buey (sea-bullock), bigaro or burgaillos (winkles), bogabantes (lobster), langosta (spiny lobster) and muzzles of the island. Of the whole of this variety the people particulary prefer the prawns, tiger prawns and crab””s nuzzle.