The dolmens of Antequera

The traveller can ginf three dolmens on the outskirts of Antequera. these remains of megalithic construction are from the catolithic or Copper Age and have survived to our day in a maginificent conserved state. The oldest of the three dolmens is that of Menga, dating from 2500 BC.

the burial chamber is made up of seven large monoliths on each side, covered at the head of the chamber, weighing about 180 tonnes. Next to this dolmen is that Viera, from a little later (2000 BC). Its corridor is completely conserved, but only four of the seven slabs originally making up the roof are left.

Following the N-331 you arrive at the site of the dolmen of el Romeral, which is dated from around 1800 BC. It is a “tholos”-type dolmen with a corridor.