Perhaps what will most attract the attention of the visitor are the Chipiona fish traps, expertly built stone walls that begin at the coast and increase in height as they stretch out to sea. The fish are trapped here by the tide for the cataor who in water up to the waist will catch them.

The history of chipiona Hill be revealed to the visitor who climbs the 344 steps that lead to the top of its lighthouse, the tallest in Spin and the third tallest in the worlds, from which he Hill be afforded views of the entire area . From there he will see the cloister of the Sanctuary, the Cuzmán el Bueno Castle, the parish church or the impressive fish traps.

If you go in summer you can choose the majestic marine procession of the Virgen del Carmen in July the fiestas announcing the grape harvest in August or the vigil of Nuestra Señora de Regla on 8 September in summer you can also enjoy the white sand beaches.