The traditional cuisine of Verais internationally well known and acknowledged by “gourmets” and conoceurs of good food.

Typical dishes are for example “Tortas de Avio”, “Gurullos con Conejo” (a typical dish of this area with rabbit meat), “Ajo Colorado” (a garlic dish), “Guiso de Palotas a la Veratense”, as well as “Olla de Trigo” which means more or less “wheat stew”.

And as desert: typical pastry with egg, like for example “Hornazos”, “Torticas Reales”, “Roscos de Vino y Anís” (this is a type of yeast pastry in dougthnut shape made with wine), “Pastafloras” (yeast pastry), “Deditos de Jesús”, “Tortas de Chicharrones” and also “Tortas de Pellizcos” (yeast pastry).

The variety of meals and dishes, which find their origin in the mountains of the Mediterranean Coast, also consist of deer, rabbit meat, and chicken, and so satisfy even the most demanding “gourmet”. In Vera and its sorruondings the Greeks and Romans didn’t just look for silver, but also wheat, which is the base for many delicious dishes, like for example: “Olla de Trigo”, which, as mentioned above, is a type of “wheat stew”.