Mojácar rises above the sea at the point where the south and the east of Iberian Peninsula blend together, facing the Mediterranean.

The best way to see Mojácar is to leave the car, in the car park (near Football Field) and walk to appreciate the pretty medieval arab arquitecture. From the “Plateform” of the Plaza Nueva we have an impressive view of the Valley de las Piramides. From this we can see that, Mojácar la vieja, the first prehistoric settlement of Mojácar, was built on the side of the river “Aguas”, whose estuary is found on Mojácar beach, this part being a protected area.

The capital of the province is some 90 km. away – 50 min.

Flights to Madrid, Barcelona and Melilla leave every day from airports in Almería – 45 min away from Mojácar – and Alicante – 2 h. 30 min. In addition, there are regular departures to most European capitals.