A trip of contrasts is proposed. The north half of the municipal territory is included in Sierra de Cazorla, segura y Las Villas nature Park, but southwards the landscape of Poco Alcón changes abruptly with broad semi-desert zones, badly eroded and with patches of esparto grass and thyme. To get to know it you are advised to attend the pilgrimage of san Gregorio.

The pilgrims pick up the image of the Child Jesus known as the Child of the Ball in the parish church of la Encarnación and it accompanies the decorated wooden cross to the performance of a mass in a place known as Cruz de San Gregorio. The trip which is something more than a kilometre and which the pilgrims do on foot, horseback or in carts, is by way of the reservoir highway of La Bolera. After the Eucharistic, many of the faithful return with the images to the locale and others go to the reservoir, six kilometres away, to spend a pleasant day in the country in which it is customary to enjoy the traditional migas and rice with good local wine.