Situated to the south-west of the province of Cádiz, on the Costa de la Luz coastline, Conil de la Frontera combines the beauty of the Sierra de Grazalema white towns with the charm of fishing towns.

Despite the lack of protected areas, interesting and beautiful places such as vast white sand beaches, the cliffs and some pine forests like the one known as Roche deserve a mention, a typical fishing village in the maritime tradition with 14 km of beaches of fine and golden sands: Los Bateles, La Fontanilla, Fuente del Gallo, and the Calas de Roche.

The beach , is a wide bay of brilliant yellow stretching for miles to either side of town and lapped by an amazingly, not to say disarmingly, gentle Atlantic – you have to walk halfway to Panama before it reaches waist height. The area immediately in front of town is the family beach; up to the northwest you can walk to some more sheltered coves, while across the river to the southeast is a topless and nudist area. Walking along the coast in this direction the beach is virtually unbroken until it reaches the cape, the familiar-sounding Cabo de Trafalgar. If the winds are blowing, this is one of the most sheltered beaches in the area. It can be reached by road, save for the last 400 metres across the sands to the rock.