Here in Almonaster the Pilgrimage in honour of Santa Eulalia a fiesta that mixes tradition and folklore with flamenco songs in the hermitage, fandango dancing and morning serenades has been held in Almonaster La Real since 1606. It is perhaps during the Spring Fiestas though that this village most transforms itself for the enjoyment of the visitor.

They have been held since the seventeenth century and since that time there has been a friendly rivalry between two brotherhoods: La Cruz del Llano and La Cruz de la Fuente.

On the last Sunday in April both brotherhoods go to the country to collect chubarba to decorate the crosses to open the “evening of flowers” and the “night of pines”, when the crosses of both brotherhoods intermingle amid salvos of fireworks and the singing of the Pine Fandangos. On the Saturday of Crosses you will see in the morning the brotherhood of La Cruz de la Fuente and in the afternoon the brotherhood of La Cruz del Llano in procession through the town.

The fiesta ends Tuesday when each cross is marched into the country where all are invited to a glass of wine.