On the second Sunday in May the Virgen de la Encina pilgrimage is held, beginning with the conveying of the statue of the Virgin from Baños to the sanctuary, which is located about four kilometres from the village.

Carried by women on their shoulders and accompanied by a retinue made up of floats, horsemen and a musical band, the saint arrives at the hermitage where a pilgrimage mass is held and the image is carried in a procession.

You will feel like a pilgrim yourself here and feel free to take part in the fiesta like any other. Afterwards, casually wander through one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia and explore its artistic-historical complex with its marvellous thousand year old castle of Burgalimar.

You can also explore it in the second two weeks of September, when is held the Fiesta de los Esclavos a very ancient tradition in which the three local patron saints are carried in a procession through the streets of Baños.