Lined with travel agencies, banks and hotels, Avenida de la Marina runs along the coast, turning into Av Virgen del Carmen north of the port.

C/ Juan de la Cierva run perpendicular to the coast from the port, becoming C/ San Bernardo as it nears the train and bus stations.

The train station is directly across the street from the Comes Bus Station; the Portillo bus station is near the port. To reach the tourist office from the train station, follow C/ San Bernardo along the abandoned tracks toward the port, past a parking lot on the left.

From the port, take a left onto Av. Virgen del Carmen then a quick right onto C/ Juan de la Cierva; the office is on the left.

To get to the old center of town and its outdoor cafes and stores, walk past te port on Av. De la Marina and after 5min. take a left on C/ Trafalgar which intersects C/ Alfonso XI and later C/ Regino Martinez the main pedestrian thoroughfare.

All services necessary for transit to Morocco cluster near the port, accessible by a single gate and driveway.