Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and the Villas

Time: 8 hours.

We start leaving from Segura on the road border to the north, towards Río Madera with mountain tracings.

Then we follow our road leaving on the right a deflection towards the village of Moralejo, we take the next crossroad can the right, leaving on the left the village of Orcera and follow in course to Río Madera. After passing different camping signs and following in course to Río Madera, we´ll find not far from the crossroad 1 km. more or less a cort-rut of gravle, quite wide near a fountain signed as the cort-rut of the fountain of the Tejo which will be our next course to follow.

Following along the cort-rut we see a great stone and then a smaller way comes, quite closed and with pendent rising and very different from the one that we had passed descending. This is the cort-rut that we must take, it has the access to a very difficult zone of several cort-ruts.

Have situated we´ll arrive to a crossroad and we´ll take on the left to go up a very inclined uphill, we´ll get to a fell and the way opens in two news again, the one on the right drives to the hill, apporite it we can see a rocky mountain and a crossing with a tree in the middle, painted with orientation symbols.

Arriving to this point we´ll turn on the left towards Peguera del Madroño and we´ll start a great descend on a cort-rut which is very bad at the beginning with big stones and very near to the precipice on its right. While we go down, the way gets better and clear and soon we are going to see many other ways going up which we must not take. So follow our way going down because we go to the valley.

Sometimes the direction changes, at first we went to the north and now and for long time we´ll keep the south course.

We must be ignorant to all cort-ruts on the right and on the left to the different farmhouses and granges and soon we see on the other side of the valley the wonderful village Peguera del Madroño inimitable example of popular architecture integrated in the lanscape, peace and harmony.