Carboneras town is situated next to an immense beach, which is protected by the islet of San Andrés and marks the border of the Cabo de Gata Nature Park and is one of the most sought after places for underwater sports and boating trips. All along its coast, you will find secluded inlets and majestic beaches bathed in crystalline waters such as algarrobico or los Muertos.

This is not only a paradise for drivers but also for lovers of good food or of entertaining fiestas like those of San Antonio.

In June Carboneras goes back in time and in its streets a battle between Moors and Christians is revived, which recall Berber attacks on its streets a battle for control of the castle.

On the seashore, Carboneras puts on its fiestas of the Fisherman and of the Tourist and a beautiful marine procession in honour of the Virgen del Carmen by fishermen who lovingly decorate their vessels.